A new home for personal writing

The kinds of things I blog about have narrowed quite a bit over time. Generally this is good, as it pushes me to go deeper in a few areas rather than skimming the surface of a bunch of things. And that means a more consistent reading experience. (Consistency is overrated, you say. Maybe. But I bet you wouldn’t be too thrilled if Marnie the Dog’s IG account suddenly started posting latte art).

You lose some things in the narrowing though. Some of those things, like the freedom to experiment and be creative, are why I write in the first placebecause it’s fun.

So the experiment is an opt-in newsletter. Work-related posts will continue to go on the blog. The newsletter will be for thoughts on everything else [that interests me]—relationships, race, gender, personality systems, etc.

Expect things to be less filtered and more honest, less manicured and more casual, less universal and more personal, less politically correct and more pointed. First few posts in the queue: inspiration for the newsletter name, dating personas in SF, Beyoncé, and Hillary.

Sign up here: https://tinyletter.com/lulucheng